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MK Madox

I am a book author with exposure to different industries and work environments. My research on mental health and hygiene has established the foundation for my books that have transformed the lives of thousands of people.

I have been a book writer for over 20 years, managing different niches — including pop culture, glamour, medical, and pharmaceutical. I quickly found that my voice must be heard to truly make a difference in the world.

Having travelled to 67 countries so far, I have immersed myself in multitudes of colourful beliefs, cultures, and traditions, which gave me worldly insights into how residents from different parts of the globe lead fulfilling lives outside of Western conventions.

These days, I am working on a series of books where I translate all my valuable experiences into compelling lessons that anyone can learn from, especially in terms of going above and beyond to rise from the ashes and move forward to a better tomorrow despite faltering along the way.

When I am not writing, I spend my downtime with the love of my life and my wonderful two-year-old son in our hometown of Sheffield, England.

Mental health is becoming the topmost concern for almost all the nations in the world. Statistics show that 1 in 4 people in the UK has reported mental illness some time in their lives. Depression is the second major cause of disability in the world now.

About £8 billion can be saved in health expenses for the UK government by improving mental health at the workplace and home. One obvious indicator is that about 12% of sick leaves taken by workers in the UK are attributed to mental health problems.

People feel it convenient to go to a doctor or head to the gym to take care of their physical health, but they are unsure or unwilling to pursue any actions to improve their mental wellbeing. One of the ways this problem can be coped with is to search for stress-free books author and read about the best practices of mental health and hygiene that are tried-and-true in different environments.

Just like the body’s hygiene is the first step in maintaining good health irrespective of the person’s age, ethnicity, or gender, mental hygiene is also a significant concern. When people are searching for a happiness books author or looking for an inspirational books writer, they often look towards fiction in which they see others transforming their lives. When a reader opts for a self-help book instead, it shows that they are ready to change their lives.

M. K. Madox is a self motivation books author with over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry. His expertise revolves around mental transformation and health for businessmen, employees, artists, writers and the general public.

Being a self-help book writer and a personal growth books author, M. K. Madox has been inspiring and coaching his readers with the lesson learned from years of exposure in different industries and from travelling to 67 countries.

M. K. Madox’s books have established him as a self-improvement books writer in the genre of self-help. From helping entrepreneurs design business models and environments for stress-free businesses to the deep understanding of mental hygiene, M. K. Madox has an essential lesson for everybody.

What makes M. K. Madox top the list as a mental health books author is his choice to write the book as a self-development guide rather than a textbook format book. The learning from the lessons can be applied through a systematic guide for mental health; the guide is the main reason readers find his books helpful, and that indicates the sign of a great self-growth books author.

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