MK Madox

The Guide to Mental Wellbeing and ‘Fitness’

Are you unhappy with your life? Do you feel like you can’t get a grasp over your life? Do you think that you are stressed out and anxious all the time?

Most of the time, people assume that happiness can be achieved through hard work towards professional and personal achievements that accompany it. This is the kind of wisdom our society and culture teach us. You’ll definitely be happy if you earn the desired weight, get a promotion, or get a good job.

As honest as this is, have you ever thought about whether the other way around can make more sense?

In positive psychology, it has been revealed that the backward formula is much closer to actual facts. The procedure is, “it is happiness that actually fuels success.”

We can put this as follows when we try to be happy, positive, and open-minded, our brain can be more susceptible to innovation, inspiration, and motivation. We can be more productive, energetic, and resilient to stress.

Would you like to eliminate stress and anxiety and take back control?

If so, you are in the right place because this guide will take you on a self-improvement and self-development journey where you will learn the basics of mental hygiene and manage your mental health with ease.

This ultimate self-improvement guide will help you take things into your hands and jump-start or rejuvenate your career. Look no further than Secrets to Better and Happier Life with Mental Hygiene: Self-Development Guide to Learn Self-Control and Maintain Mental Stability by M.K Madox.

Hungarian Author M.K. Madox has been in the publishing industry for over 20 years, managing different niches — including pop culture, glamour, medical, and pharmaceutical. M.K. has immersed himself in multitudes of colorful beliefs, cultures, and traditions, which gave him worldly insights into how denizens from different parts of the globe lead fulfilling lives outside of Western conventions. M.K. quickly found that his voice must be heard to truly make a difference in the world.

Through his experience, he decided to give the formula to his readers to reactive their brains that will lead them towards happiness and success.

Unlike other self-improvement books, this one targets explicitly domains in which you can and ultimately must prosper yourself.

With its genuine inspiration, Madox will help you ponder the difficult questions that life throws at you that you wouldn’t dare to ask yourself. The outcome will be an entirely new perspective on life – a fresh and vibrant perspective packed with new opportunities in life. 

With this self-improvement guide, you will learn how to:

  • Stop bottling feelings inside you and release the burden
  • Implement healthy habits into your life that remove stress and anxiety
  • Overcome fear of failure and increase your self-confidence
  • Take back the control of your life
  • And much more!

If you need a friend who can connect with you, a guru that can be straightforward to you about what needs to be left behind, and a sage that reveals the coming of a new age, you will be able to hear these wise voices, all tied together in this magnificent guide. Make sure to get this book to grow into your best self!

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